Recruitment And Selection Process At Tesco: A Case Study Answer

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Tesco is the largest private employer sector in the UK. Tesco has more than 360,000 employees all around the world. Tesco operates in 12 countries. The major countries are the UK, China and Japan. The group has recently opened stores in the United States. This international development is a part of Tesco’s strategy to expand and grow the business. Tesco is popular for its originality. It is famous all around the world. In Thailand, customers are using the products of Tesco.

In the Tesco, positions become available because:

  • Jobs are created as the company that opens new stores in the UK and expands internationally
  • Vacancies arise as employees leave the company
  • They get promotion in the Tesco
  • New types of jobs can be created as the company changes its processes and technology
  • New policies demands for new staff
  • It demands around 4,000 new managers

 The planning process

The planning process runs each year from the last week in February. Tesco can adjust staff in May, August and November. Tesco allows sufficient time and flexibility to the staff. The main system is dependent on the staff. Tesco seeks to plug many vacancies from inside the company. It recognizes the importance of motivating to the staff.  Their manager sets out the technical skills and behaviours.

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Recruitment at Tesco

The requirement is the process in which persons are eligible and qualified for a job. The organization need to develop an effective employer brand and prepare efficient employee offering so that the right candidate can be required and selected for the job.  The requirement process includes analysis of job and selection web portals.  Tesco is not manoeuvring a strict policy. This revenue, that if you go to your nearest store and give them a copy of your resume, you are unlikely to hear from them ever again.  To pertain for a job, you need to head over to the website. There are some objectives of the necessities. An important element in the workforce is to give a clear description and person specifications. A job description sets out:

  • The title of the job
  • To whom the job holder is responsible
  • For whom the job holder is responsible
  • A simple description of roles and responsibilities

The selection process at Tesco

The selection process is involving to choose the most suitable person for a job in the Tesco. The selection is the process of selecting the best candidate from the cluster of applicants for a job. It is very important from the perspective of an organization that the right people are selected for a job. It is most important, because, the performance of Tesco is dependent on the employee. Every organization is looking for the best employee for their success. It is very difficult to choose a right. A well-written and positive CV helps to get a job at Tesco. The selection process at Tesco revolves around:

  • Interview
  • Screening
  • Assessment Centres

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