The Cast And Production Of “A Star Is Born”

A Star Is Born is a musical drama film. It was released in 2018. The director of this film is Bradley Cooper and he has made his debut in the field of the film direction. The story of this film is written by Eric Roth. It is a remake of a famous film under the same name which was released in 1937. It is the fourth remake of the film which was released in 1937. The net gross of this film was four million dollars. If you are not able to write a review of this movie, then you can get help from experts in cheap dissertation writing services. A brief overview of the cast and production of this movie is given below;

The cast of “A Star Is Born”

  • Bradley Copper

He played the central role of this movie. In the movie, his name is Jackson and his nickname is Jack. In the movie, he is an established singer and also an established songwriter. He is not only the mentor of Ally but he is also an interest of love for the Ally.

  • Lady Gaga

The Lady Gaga has also played a central role in this movie. In the movie, her name is Ally Maine. She is a night-club singer and also a songwriter. In the movie, she was discovered by Jack.

  • Sam Elliot

His character name in the movie is Bobby Maine and he has played a role of Jack’s manager in the movie.

  • Dave Chappell

He is playing the character of George in the movie. He has played a role of a friend of the Jack. He is also a retired musician.

  • Andrew Dice Clay

His name in the movie is Lorenzo Campania and he has played a role of Ally’s father in the movie.

  • Anthony Ramos

His name in the movie is Ramon and he has played a role of Ally’s friend in the movie.

  • Michael Harney

His name in the movie is Wolfe and he has played a role of Lorenzo’s friend in the movie.

  • Rafi Gavron

His name in the movie is Rez Gavron and he has played a role of a music producer in the movie. Moreover, he is also a manager of Ally.


In the production of a movie, there come a lot of things. We will discuss these things one by one. These things are given below;

  • Development

The actual development of this movie was started in 2011 and due to some reasons, it was delayed. In 2015, the Cooper decided to make his debut with the help of this remake film. After deciding the cast of this movie, the actual process of making this film was started in 2017 and it was released in 2018.

  • Music

Lukas Nelson showed impressive performance in the Desert Trip and Cooper approached him and signed him for the music of his movie.

  • Release

This film was released in some cinemas on August 2018 and on October 2018, it was released in the US.

  • Home media

The distribution rights of this movie were given to Warner Bros and they announced that this movie will be available for the digital downloads in January 2019.

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