Top 5 Apps That Can Be Used for Writing Group Assignments

Writing Group Assignments

The university or college life is very much tiring and demanding. Students are required to give their full efforts for achieving high grades. A significant portion of these grades is dependent on the assignments which are given in every semester for testing the knowledge and skills of the students. Securing high marks in assignments is not always easy. Not every assignment is easy to do. Students definitely need some help at any point in solving their assignments. Sometimes they are stuck at getting the right information, sometimes their writing skills are not good, and some other times they do not know how to cite the sources.

The biggest problem of all these problems is that help is not always available. Sometimes you might think to get your assignment done by the assignment writing services, but this service requires some money. And a student with a limited budget cannot afford to hire a writer for every difficult assignment. So, students try to find a solution which they can access 24/7 and is free of cost. Hence, the best possible solution that is left is using the apps as shared by assignment writing services for writing group assignments. These apps are the fruits of advancement in technology that has made students’ life easier.


Slack is a very useful app for communication and collaboration. Any type of team can use it for communication purposes. In this app, students can organize their topics, assignments, and projects. They can send group calls, messages as well as direct messages to individuals. It provides options for sharing the documents and gives permission to others for editing the shared document. This app includes more than 2000 integrations. It provides central space for conversation, files, and documents.

Zoho Writer:

Zoho Writer is a very popular writing app that is much similar to Microsoft office. It has advanced documents access controls. It has the following feature

  1. Document secured by password
  2. Lock sections of documents
  3. Expiration date of file access
  4. Collaboration can be set off anytime
  5. All files and images stored at a central place
  6. Organizing of folders and subfolders according to type, name, and size

Google Docs:

Google which is always there for providing help for getting any kind of information, has also provided a perfect solution to writing problems of the students. Google Docs is free to use without causing any extra penny to students. By using google docs students just have to write their assignments on google docs and can share them with their group members. Whenever any group member will make changes and saved them it will be automatically updated for every member. Google docs contain the word, excel sheets, slides, and forms. So students do not need to find a separate app for every assignment. You can work both online and offline with Google docs. It has built-in tools for grammar and spelling checkers. Students can add extensions of their favorite grammar-checking spelling tools as well.


Scrivener is considered one of the best apps for writing. This app is very flexible to use. It contains all tools that students need for writing their assignments. Students can also do planning for their assignments on this app. It also allows to add images and tables. There are also templates available in different formats. Students can also import documents and files from other apps. There is also an outline board available continuously on the screen that helps in planning. Students can set their targets and monitor them. There is also an option available for footnotes. Above all this app can work best with Windows7 or newer, Apple device, and Mac OS 10.12+. This app is not free but provides discounts to the students.

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Office 365 Education:

Office 365 education is a specifically designed version of Office 365 for students. It is a cloud-based tool that increases productivity. Students can effectively collaborate and communicate through Office 365 education. They can share their assignments and notes and access them in one place. Office 365 education is a complete suite that contains Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Project, OneNote, and Publisher. All these applications can be accessed anywhere at any time.

The Bottom Line:

These group assignment writing apps are very helpful for students by making their life and work easy. Through these apps, they can collaborate and communicate with their group members and can write assignments without any problem or worries.

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