Some of The Best Tips to Write a Synthesis Essay

The name of digesting the information from different resources and presenting this information in an organized fashion is known as synthesis essay. The students can digest the information from different sources of information like articles, journals and newspapers etc. The students can also gather enough information for a synthesis essay from non-written sources of information like lectures. To write a synthesis essay, a writer should have enough ability to gather the information from different resources, to combine this information and to convince the readers by presenting this information in the form of a synthesis essay. Here, experts of essay writing services will provide enough tips to write a synthesis essay.

  1. Examine your topic

The first step to creating a monument of a synthesis essay is to examine the topic of this essay. In order to examine the topic, the students should try to understand the concept of synthesis essay. The main purpose of writing a synthesis essay is to provide a solid connection of multiple works with the help of the best examples. Different types of the synthesis essay are argument synthesis, review and background synthesis. The topic of a synthesis essay should be such that it can pull several related sources. While choosing your topic, you should make sure that enough data is available to write a synthesis essay on this topic. While examining your topic, you should also try to develop a thesis statement and try to gather the supporting material.

  • Outlining your essay

After examining the topic of your essay, you should try to create an outline for your essay. You can easily outline the structure of your thesis either by preparing a formal outline or by preparing a plan in your head. A synthesis essay consists of three parts. The first part is known as the introductory paragraph. In the introductory paragraph, you should present a hook in order to grab the attention of the audience members. Identification of the issue and thesis statement also comes into the introductory paragraph of an essay. The second part consists of three body paragraphs. In each body part, you should try to provide a topic sentence with the help of supporting examples. The last part is known as the concluding paragraph. In the concluding paragraph, you should try to write down all the main points of your essay. The structure of a synthesis essay should be creative. In the outline of a synthesis essay, there should be a summary of relevant sources and list of supporting reasons.

  • Write your essay

You should try to prepare the first draft of your synthesis essay by following the outline of your essay. Anyhow, if you find new information or supporting material, you can deviate from your outline. While writing your essay, you should try to use third persons like ‘He’, ‘She’ and ‘It’ etc. As we know that there are five paragraphs of an essay, therefore, we should try to provide transitions between the sentences of an essay in order to provide them with a logical flow. After completing your essay, never forget to proofread and edit it in order to remove all the spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.

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