Important Content Writing Tips and Tools for Beginners

Content Writing Tips

If you are not good at content writing, it is not a big deal. I know a few writing experts that are not good either. But you can polish your skills further can touch the heights of perfection. You have to follow some content writing tips and tools. These tips and tools assist you in good writing. Content writing tips include writing language and style. It also covers the quality of the material. And another important tip is to practice again and again. You can also get help from online tools. Internet is full of such tools. For example, Hemingway editor and Grammarly. You can also get help from assignment writing services to get started with these tools. However, we have listed below the details of top tools that are important in content writing for your ease.

Content Writing Tips

Simple Language:

Among content writing tips, the first one is to use simple language. You have to make your content readable. It should be simple enough that most of the readers can understand it. Using simple language is not only about using simpler words. There are some other aspects of it as well. For making your content simple, you have to see your writing format, writing style and tone. Try to clear your purpose in fewer paragraphs. For example, if it is possible to complete your point in two lines, write two lines. There is no need to go for ten lines. You can make headings and sub-headings. This way, you can make your content easy to read.

Quality of Material:

In content writing, the quality of writing matters a lot. Quality always comes first. In the same way, you have to make your content interesting. For ensuring quality, do not go for all the boring facts. No doubt you have to add facts. But add interesting and relevant ones. For example, your audience is students. You can add some interesting facts related to good grades. You can add some tips that can attract your audience. Again, make sure you are realistic in your writing. Do not ever go for ideal suggestions. It will cause confusion rather than attraction. Also, if you want to increase the number of searches, you have to work on keywords. Use the most commonly used keyword. On the other hand, you have to check the credibility of the sources. From wherever you decide to take the material, it must be a credible source. This way, you can ensure the quality of the material.


One of the most important content writing tips is practice. You cannot be a good writer at once. For this, you have to work hard and practice again and again. For this, you can go for different techniques. Like, following the top writers, making and proofreading your writing again and again. Read the content of others and notice their writing style. Also, get your work proofread by others. At the beginner level, the best content writing tips are to practice and get your work checked by your peers. Do not get panic because of mistakes. But learn from them. Once you have identified your mistakes, then avoid repetition.

Content Writing Tools

Hemingway Editor:

Hemingway editor helps you to detect errors in your writing. The editor highlights your error by coding it with different colours. Each colour specifies a particular error. As a beginner, one can get help from Hemingway editor. Let’s discuss what each colour means on Hemingway editor. The blue colour in the editor highlights all adverbs in your content. And it highlights all passive voices in green colour. By this, you get to know where and what to edit. This content writing tool highlights difficult words with purple. And it also suggests alternate words. So, you do not have to search separately for alternate words. The brown colour shows sentences that are hard to read. Then you have to break those long sentences into shorter parts. Hemingway editor also highlights very hard to read sentences. In this, you have to rephrase the sentence to make it understandable to a general audience.

Focus Writer:

Focus Writer is another good app to help you with content writing. Beginner level writers can get help from it. The best thing about the Focus Writer is its hidden menu. Also, it has the option of many languages. You can work in different languages other than English. You can check out your spelling mistakes and improve the readability of your content.


Grammarly is another content problem solving tool that assists you in writing mistake-free content. This content writing tool helps to identify grammar and punctuation mistakes. It does not only identify but also provide suggestions. It allows you to set your writing goals and then provide suggestions accordingly. A smart writer can surely produce a good piece with Grammarly.

All these content writing tips and tools are secondary. Your primary focus is to write, identify your mistakes and improve. You should practice again and again and try to write an error-free and engaging content. Practice and commitment are key to become a successful content writer.

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