What Are BBC Bitesize Benefits for Students During Lockdown?

BBC Bitesize Benefits

The coronavirus was the worst thing to happen to this world after a long time, and people from all nations and societies suffered greatly. While many had to spend weeks in hospitals and suffer greatly, others could not survive this deadly infection, and the governments had to impose a lockdown to keep their citizens safe. According to dissertation writing services, the global economy faced a severe setback with so many people out of jobs and so many facing pay cuts. However, the most concerning things were the lack of proper schooling and education during this time.

Like everything else, the schools also had to be closed, and millions of children around the world either had the option to switch to eLearning or stop the learning process altogether due to lack of facilities. Governments, as well as academic experts, tried to come up with the most efficient solutions to keep the students connected to their learning and keep them updated with the curriculum but this was not so easy. Online classes might seem a great concept but it is not easy for the teacher to connect with every child at the same time, pay attention and ensure that everyone is on the same wavelength.

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During the lockdown, what came out as something beneficial for students was BBC Bitesize. Even though it was launched way back in 1998 and has continued to provide online study support resources to school-age students in the UK, it is only recently that its true worth has come to light.  It can be called one of the BBC’s most successful online brands and the cornerstone of the formal learning content. The site helps students aged 6 and 16 years with their coursework, homework, and exam preparation. As it is a free online study support resource for the school-age pupil in the United Kingdom, it has been specifically designed to aid them in schoolwork and helps the older students prepare for their exams too.

It offers ‘bite-sized’ interactive content, video and audio summaries, and mock exams, hence its name. The website is continually reviewed and developed to keep up with the curriculum, helps students stay connected with what they are studying, and, helped students immensely during the lockdown when they had no other source to seek from home.  For students and parents who do not want to halt the learning process, BBC Bitesize has got everything to keep the process of gaining knowledge with videos, quizzes, and activities to help them learn even at home.

This is BBCs efforts to assist homeschooling during the national lockdown; it is broadcasting a variety of lessons across its different platforms, which are benefiting students in a variety of ways. With remote learning, primary and secondary level pupils are getting a helping hand; along with the online portal, there are curriculum-based programs that will keep them connected to what they were doing at school so that they do not forget the school or the learning, and when it is time to go back to school, they are ready to take up from where they left. They will get a wealth of information and content on a variety of key subjects, including English, maths, and science. The secondary school pupils can benefit from Even though it was launched way back in 1998 and has continued to provide online study support resource to school-age students in the UK, it is only recently that its true worth has come to light.

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Some programs include BBC Bitesize Daily, as well as, other educational shows such as Horrible Histories and Celebrity Supply Teacher. There are programs for primary and secondary schools, available every day on regular TV channels and the red button and iPlayer to make access easy and convenient. These programs are delivered by a range of experts, teachers, and some popular faces that belong to the TV, sports, and other fraternities.

As accessing the internet was a problem for some low-income families, BBC has tried to strike a deal to allow specific network company customers to access Bitesize without spending too much of their data allowance. This deal might be in action from the end of January in England, bringing more students to this platform. Students have benefited greatly from BBC Bitesize during the lockdown. Where there was nothing for them to do except eat, sleep and worry, parents and students had something to look forward to with the right educational programs that kept the children connected to their school and learning one way or another, offering them a chance to gain knowledge without any interruption.

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