Work Hard or Work Smart? 6 smart ways a student can show high performance without working hard

Working hard is not the right way but working smart is the best way. Consider yourself in a trouble situation, you cannot always find a solution by working hard but at the same time working smart can perhaps give you a solution. The smartness does not lie in consistently making shortcuts but to save the extra effort if possible.  Here in this article, we will tell you 6 smart ways to show high performance without working hard.

  • Never miss the lecture

It is better to take a lecture on the given time rather than moving here and there in search of notes before exams. Think wisely, one lecture can give you all the details and notes without you wasting any further time on it. The lecture also gives you an understanding of how you can write the answers in your paper.

  • Write your own notes

It is important that you must write your own notes because these can also help you in getting an overview of the topic. Your own notes will be written in your own words and to make them smarter, you can just add terms, clues or points that can give you a quick review.

  • Skim and Scan

It is important that you must know the reading strategies that can save your time. Skimming is for the gest of the writing, while on the other hand scanning is used for the keywords only. This can help you make your assignments in no time. If you are reading the things in full detail, then it will take a lot of time and at times you miss the most important parts as you focus too much on the unnecessary details.

  • Follow up with the results

At times, most of the students believe that the final results are the only results worth reviewing but this is not a smart way of looking into it. The results are uploaded after every quiz and assignment and hence you must keep a check so that you know how much marks you require for the grade.

  • Advance search

Most of the people might not be aware of it but they are ways of advanced search that can help you save your time and gather data that is not commonly used by the classmates. Use advanced search and advance your grades. Search for researchers and Pdf files rather than just relying on Wikipedia and other unauthentic sites.

  • Keep it healthy

It is always important to maintain a healthy diet and healthy life. Make sure to participate in co-curricular activities as the famous students often get the best grades too. So invest your energies smartly without being a bookworm.

To summarize, it is important that one must try to invest the energy for the better results but it doesn’t mean that you have to exhaust yourself in order to get good results.

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