Career opportunities for MSc in Mass Communication

The mass communication contains in it all the aspects of spreading a message to a greater number of audience through many channels viz; newspapers, radio or internet. The degree required in this field is mass communication.

In the last couple of decades, a huge surge in has seen in the world of communication. The viewpoint of the audience has changed. So, now the communication through media has defined new channels. With the fluctuating mores of economic models, media is now broad and wide in the ownership.

  1. Print Media

Mass communication holders have good opportunities in the print media where they can write columns, editorials and work as a chief editor.


  1. Electronic Media

In electronic media, mass communication degree holders are prevalent. News anchors, analysts, opinion makers, moderators, hosts etc. are all those places in electronic media where mass communication degree holders are working.


  1. Public Relation

They prove themselves very significant in public relations as they their communication skills are very good.


  1. Advertising

In the field of advertising, the mass communication degree holders have a lot of opportunities. Every firm and every event needs advertising to be in the market for right reasons. Mass communication degree holders have this unique ability to think out of the box.


  1. Politics

In politics, they work as press sectaries to the government officials. Their role is very crucial to the image of the respective political party and the official as well.


  1. Radio Jockey

As a radio jockey, they provide services to the radio stations and deliver their messages. Apart, some of them also work as a video jockey.


  1. Film Industry

Mass communication with media studies has greater opportunities in the film industry as an artist, musician, scriptwriter etc.


  1. Screen Writer

Most of the mass communication degree holder actively play role in screenwriting and content writing of different mediums. The art of writing a screenplay can only be devised from a student of mass communication.


  1. Photojournalist

As the dynamics of the film industry has changed, the role of photography and journalism has also merged into one another.


  1. Editor

Many of them work as editors to the news desk or in print media.


  1. Producer/Director

Producer or director of the movie is an integral part of the industry. Without him/her, there is no concept of filmmaking.


  1. Media Consultant

Many of the companies hire media consultants to guide them on the commercial side. These media consultants are the degree holders of mass communication.


  1. Publicity Director

They have also ample opportunities in publicity and advertising department as these are requisite for any event. There always has been a huge demand of mass communication degree holders in this department.


  1. Biographer

Most the mass communication degree holder opt the profession of writing the biography of famous personalities.


  1. Event Manager

Event managers need good communication skills and adequate dexterity of dealing with the people and circumstances. Mass communication degree holders have these abilities in them.

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