Best confidence building tricks for students who have just got admission in a renowned University

Going to the university is challenging, even for the smarter student. you are a position holder in your school and college life, but you can find many in your university class who are smarter than you. From being spent many years in school, being familiar with everything, having many friends there and being teachers favorite, you move to a place where you are new, you do not know anyone and you have to start from the scratch. This is adventurous for some thus scary for many.  This new situation can lower your confidence. There are some confidences building tips that can help you to boost your confidence in the university.

1-Self Reminder

When you enter a new place and especially a competitive place like a university, your inner self-keeps on telling you that you are not good enough, there are people who are better than you, you cannot compete with them. Do not listen to all this. Remind yourself that you have achieved a lot before coming to this university and if you can get admission here, you can accomplish more.

2-You are not alone

Keep on telling yourself that you are not alone who is new here. There are many other students who are new like you here. Who might also feel the same as you do?  Doot doubt your abilities and think that every student who is outstanding and successful has gone through the same phase.

3-Take something you are good at

Take the course and subjects that you enjoy. Instead of opting for something difficult, go with which interests you and you are good at. This will help you to boost your confidence when you will score good grades in that subject.

4-Take risk

Try to take small risks to overcome your fears. Try to beak the ice by participating in class and group discussions. You can ask questions from teachers during, after or before the class. Do not afraid to answer questions. All these tricks will help you to boost your confidence

5-Attend all classes

Make sure to attend all classes, even if you do not like a subject or teacher, but do not miss any class. Be attentive during the lecture and try to ask questions in order to make yourself understand.

6-Divide tasks

You might get assignments on a daily or weekly basis. You might have study burden, do not get frightened and decide your tasks according to priority and date of submission. Do the important tasks first or those which have deadlines approaching. Divide into smaller portions and do it on daily basis. It will help to reduce your work burden and you will be able to do it with more ease and confidence.

7-Apply for competitions

Many departments in the university have prize competitions. Do not hesitate to apply. The competition might not be as bad as you think. At least give it a try. Even if you win a very small prize, that could be a real confidence booster for you.

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