5 Free Online Learning Websites To Get Online Degree

Free Online Learning Websites to Get Degree

You don’t have to travel to a university or pay fees to access other learning resources, with many universities offering free online college courses through open learning projects. For students and lifelong learners alike, the following online education websites offer thousands of online courses. Although many are fee-based courses, there are also free courses to be found as well. The large amount of knowledge that we all have at our disposal is one of the greatest benefits of the Internet. The resources on the internet are endless particularly when the subject is education. Many high-quality sites are completely free of charge.



Suggested by an assignment writing service, Coursera is one of MOOC’s leading providers with a huge number of online courses available. It is a website which partners with universities and organizations around the world to bring a broad range of topics and perspectives to one searchable platform. This gives the platform an incredibly wide range of in-depth courses. Some courses at Coursera have completion certificates to confirm you have passed the exam. Coursera is a great place to start if you enjoy studying in a formal classroom-style setting and want to do that at home. Coursera is another online learning site from which the open courses are provided by several universities and businesses. Like other course providers on the list, you will have free access to the courses. Course teachers include professionals from top universities and colleges around the world, and courses include documented video lectures, group discussion boards, as well as graduated and peer-reviewed coursework. You may also obtain a certificate of study for each course you complete. 



One great free online education tool is edX. It provides complete online courses with professors, boards of debate, quizzes, and so on, but it prefers to concentrate on (and excel at) math, science, and engineering courses. Bringing together courses from different schools, the site has outstanding, high-quality knowledge for everyone. Founded by Harvard and MIT, edX is a national, non-profit organization that aims to eliminate three conventional education barriers: cost, location and access. EdX has over 20 million learners and 2,400 courses from most of the world’s top-ranked universities. Open edX is the open-source framework which is available to educators and technologists who want new educational resources to be developed. Besides free classes, edX also provides fee-based classes.



Udemy is an educational platform offering courses taught by top experts. The free courses offered by Udemy are similar to those provided by Coursera, but also allow users to create custom lessons. Working with several top teachers and colleges, the site is combining other sites’ flexible platform with a strong focus on high-quality content. However, this is another site that mixes free and paid content. Udemy, a digital platform for education, has 30 million students, 100,000 courses in 50 languages, 42,000 teachers, and 22 million minutes of video training. Unlike other online educational platforms that are powered by content from colleges and universities, Udemy allows content creators to curate and teach their courses online.


Standford Online:

Stanford Online is the website Stanford University is offering all of its online courses from. Although you will have to pay tuition to complete a degree or diploma via the website, the open learning courses provided by the university are available to anyone free of charge. This includes courses offered by various university colleges, including Stanford School of Medicine and Stanford Business School, among others. Stanford Online, a Stanford University education program, provides free online classes as well as technical qualifications, advanced diplomas and executive education. Stanford Online provides classes, among others, from undergraduate and graduate schools at Stanford, including Stanford Law School, Stanford Business School and Stanford Medical School.



TED-Ed is the award-winning youth and education extension of TED whose mission is to exchange and disseminate ideas from teachers and learners to improve life. TED-Ed has a national network of over 250,000 teachers serving millions of teachers and students worldwide each week. TED-Ed provides creative material such as original animated films, and a teacher forum for developing immersive lessons. A platform chocked full of instructional videos comes from the same people who gave you the motivational web show. Most of them have amazing animation, and they all last for ten minutes or less. TED-Ed is not only an excellent platform for the curious but also provides information resources and quizzes on the video clips. This makes the website particularly useful both in formal educational environments and in fun ways to brush up on new insights and topics.

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