5 Famous European Countries for Students to Study Abroad

European Countries

For students who want to go abroad for studying, there is a wide choice. They can choose from any of the American, Canadian, or European universities keeping in mind the degree programs they offer as well as the future opportunities they might be lucky to avail by seeking admission to the right college or university. Europe is one of the oldest continents and each of the countries here is unique, rich in history and there is always something new and interesting to discover, regardless of the study destinations you will choose.

Even if they are European themselves but do not have much knowledge about the rest of the countries in the continent, it is a great way for such students to explore a new place, learn about its language and culture and find something new to do and look forward to once they get their degree. According to a coursework writing service, the academic benefits of studying in European countries are also amazing. Europe is home to some of the top-ranked countries all over the world.

Students from different parts of the world try their best to see admission in one of these universities that are known for their rich campus life as well as enlightening academic experience, multicultural environment as well as highly supportive educational environment. Not only many of these European institutes are affordable but they also help students learn a lot and look forward to academic as well as professional success in the long run. Discussed here are some of the best places to study abroad in Europe that help students narrow down their choices and make the best decisions according to their academic needs, budget, and expectations.


This country is one of the best places to study abroad in Europe, especially for students who look forward to saving money, as there are no tuition fees when they are working for their undergraduate degree at a public university. This also applies to students who come from other parts of Europe as well as from outside of the European Union which is a great help. All the students need to do is pay an administration fee every semester. There are some of the most top-rated schools in Germany such as the Technical University of Munich, Humboldt University, and the University of Aachen, where top subjects include chemistry, physics, history, philosophy, and mechanical engineering.

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France is home to over 10 universities that are included in the 2019-19 QS World University Rankings even though the majority of the programs are taught in French, there are over 1,000 courses taught in English. students aspiring to study in France can look forward to low tuition costs and high-quality education as there are some of the most affordable schools and students can enjoy their stay in this beautiful country, exploring it and having some fun along with completing their degree. Top academic institutes in France include École Normale Supérieure, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Sciences Po, and Paris-Sud University.


There are numerous perks of studying in Spain’s prestigious universities; low-cost tuition fees as compared to many other places, as well as affordable accommodation, can help a student save money and learn a new culture by living between the people in countryside towns. The schools in Spain give students a chance to learn some valuable knowledge and skills during their stay here. Top schools include the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universitat de Barcelona, and Universitat Pompeu Fabra.


This country is home to some of the most reputable and oldest universities in Europe. The most popular academic institutes are located in Milan, Rome, Florence, and Venice, but there are also places too where students can seek admissions depending on their choice of degree program and budget. There are around 89 universities along with numerous academies and polytechnics, so offering a variety of programs to choose from, including those in engineering, art and design, and architecture.

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It is one of the best places to study for various reasons; not only international students can get a PhD level education for free but many degree programs are offering in English and there are numerous opportunities for scholarships too. In addition to the scholarship, PhD positions are paid which means students can go to school for free while earning a salary. Top-ranked universities in Sweden include Uppsala University, Lund University, and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Studying in Europe is also a great way to learn a new language, uncover the secrets of different cultures and what drives them and the most exciting of all, it gives students a chance to visit some of the world’s most appealing and iconic attractions and study them closely.

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