Rules for Writing Statement for PhD Thesis

If you have been given to write a PhD thesis by the teacher which is a key part of your academic process, it is very important that you take it seriously and begin working on it as soon as possible. Writing a thesis is a very long as well as technical job, full of research and hard work and if you do not begin the task on time, you might not be able to complete the paper before the submission date.

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Writing a PhD thesis begins with writing a good thesis statement that contains all the information and main points about what the thesis all about and what shape it is going to take once you start writing it. You must know that a thesis statement focuses on your idea into one or two sentences. It should present the topic of your thesis and make comments about your position in relation to the topic.


This article discusses certain rules for writing a statement for PhD thesis and how it should be done the right way.


The first and the most important rule of writing a thesis statement that when you are writing to explain something to the readers on to persuade them to agree with your opinion, it should be done in a complete sentence that expresses the main idea most comprehensively. All you need to do in this regard is to turn the question and answer around as the answer is already there. The key is to understanding how you are doing it to impress the teacher.


It is necessary for you to remember that a thesis statement should tell the readers about what the paper will be all about and keep the arguments focused and in the right direction so that you are able to present a most intellectual and coherent paper to the teacher.It is because a PhD thesis is no ordinary piece of writing and it is a highly reserved as well as analyzed document and if it is not done the right way your paper will not be accepted by the teacher.You will only be able to get your PhD degree if you have done your thesis the right way and open it with the best thesis statement that you could come up with.


A thesis statement introduces the topic to the readers, offers your opinion regarding it and summarizes the argument that will be coming up in the paper with help of evidence.  You must keep in mind that the statement will be a summary of the point of the essay and tell readers why the essay is worth reading.


The thesis statement should be as clear as specific and to the point as possible. You can also write it in the end when you are done with writing the thesis so that you are sure that you fully understand the argument and present it most effectively to the readers. Make sure that the statement imparts the correct message to the readers about the research to help them better understand your hard work.

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