How to Write a Short Fiction Story

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Creating a short story has always been a fascinating task for the writers. Short story writers depict a clear picture of the events in their story. A good author always grasps the attention of his readers by adding a twist in the plot and paints character in a way that they look so real to us. The fiction story is based on the imaginary events and characters but a skilled author portrays them in a way that they become very close to our hearts. The question here arises that how an individual with good writing skills can create a short fiction story? This article as written by a cheap dissertation writing service, will provide in the following lines some guidelines that may be helpful in your journey of a successful writer.

Character Development

If you want to create an impactful story then you have to know your characters. Characters are the basic elements of your story and their development is essential in the story. If you do not know about a character that you are presenting in your story how will you show the readers who is he and what attributes or personality traits he acquires. While writing a short fiction story paint a clear picture of your characters in front of you so there will be no difficulties in crafting a powerful story in front of your reader. As your characters will drive your story so it is necessary for you to know their history, personality and other affairs of their daily lives.


In order to remain coherent throughout the sort, an outline is very important. You have an idea in your mind and you want to build up a short story on it, then just sit for some time and work on your outline. An outline will provide you with a foundation to build and create an amazing plot around it. These are some of the basic points given by a dissertation writing service that an outline of the short story would incorporate:

  • Your point of view
  • How the story will start?
  • How will your main issue evolve?
  • “Climax” what will happen at it?
  • How the main issue will resolve?
  • Ending

Website Ranking 1It will be an open-ended story or you want to provide a satisfying end with a moral lesson. When you have a complete outline in your mind and on the paper, writing a short story would be fun and you will enjoy your journey in a world of endless possibilities.

Attention-Grabbing Start

A captivating introduction is essential to short story writing. Take some time to use your words in a way that they compel him to read more. If you want to hook the reader’s then you must have something to offer in the introduction that would catch the attention from the start. You are narrating a story so try to build interest of the reader from the very first line of your work.

Drafting the Story

Once you have created an outline and an effective introduction. The next step is drafting the full story. The process of drafting is very important as it will provide you with a full picture of your product. While drafting the story you make sure to not waste time on editing or polishing the story. These tasks should be left for the end when the draft is ready. When you do not know what the full story looks like making additions to the story would be of no use as they may drag the storyline or divert the plot from the main issue.

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Editing the Short Story

Most of the time it is editing that transforms the story into an effective piece of writing. If you are thinking that you draft will be perfect to get published then you are on the wrong end. In any piece of writing draft serves as a framework that needs amendments to come into its ideal shape. Editing can create wonders when it comes to writing. It increases the worth of your work. So make sure to look beneath the lines and make developmental edits and proofread your document in order to get the best results.

Title of your Fictional Work

To give a title to your work is a difficult task. It is the title through which your story would be known by the readers so be careful while choosing a title. Hire a research paper writing service to find a suitable topic for you.


In order to present a flawless work get feedback from another individual who would provide an unbiased point of view on your work. Feedback is an essential element of any kind of work as it offers ways to improve our writing and make us think of more ways of devising flawless strategies for our work.

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