Different Types of Assessments Used in UKs Colleges

Types of Assessments

A systematic process to know the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the students to improve the student learning is known as assessment. It has become the key part of the educative experience. Assessment is also necessary to distinguish education from other parts of learning. With the help of assessment, the students can also get an idea either student have gained the required outcomes or not. Teachers are using various forms of assessments to assess the abilities of the students. Here, experts of dissertation help firms will discuss different types of assessments that are used in the UK’s colleges.

  • Formative Assessment:

The main purpose of the formative assessment is to improve the abilities and skills of the students. The grades of the formative assessment are not included in the final degree. Anyhow, by doing these kinds of assessments, you will get lessons. These lessons will be helpful to you to improve your grades in the final exams. Therefore, you should not ignore the feedbacks of the teachers based on the formative assessment. Based on the formative assessment, they will tell you the weaknesses and strengths. Moreover, they will also tell the most important points to bring improvements in your educational career.

  • Summative Assessment:

The main purpose of the summative assessment is to measure the abilities and skills of the students. The grades of the summative assessments are included in the final grades. A summative assessment is done at the end of a set of period. It means that it is taken at the end of a term, semester or academic year etc. Teachers will assess your abilities and skills based on the summative assessment. After assessing your abilities and skills, they will give you feedback about your performance. They will also tell you some essential tips for improvement in the next exam.

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  • Problem Sheets:

This assessment method is just similar to traditional tests. You have already taken these kinds of tests at the school. With the help of these tests, teachers will try to assess the knowledge of the students relevant to the specific part of the subject. Problem sheets will also let the tutors build up a comprehensive picture of the abilities of the students.

  • Lab Reports:

If you are taking some specific courses at the college, you will have to perform experiments in the laboratory. If you are working in the laboratory, you will have to show a special set of skills. Moreover, you will have to show specific skills to handle the laboratory equipment. While performing experiments in the laboratory, you will have to prepare to follow up reports. With the help of lab reports, the college professors will assess your skills and abilities in this specific area of knowledge.

  • Essays And Reports:

With the help of essays and reports, teachers will also try to assess the specific skills and abilities of the students. First of all, they assess the written communication skills of the students. Essays and reports are also helpful to do a critical analysis of the course material. With the help of essays and reports, teachers can also assess the qualitative knowledge and logical skills of the students. While writing the essays and reports, the students have to show their creative skills.

  • Written Exams:

While taking the exams, the students have to show a similar set of skills that they have shown while writing essays and reports. The only difference between essays and written exams is that you will have to show this set of skills under a different set of conditions. It is also one of the most important forms of assessments to test the skills of the students under pressure. The students have to test the skills without getting help from anyone else.

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  • Presentations:

It is the best form of assessment to assess the oral communication skills of the students. With the help of presentations, teachers will know how effectively, clearly and concisely they are presenting their skills. You will have to present a topic just like a teacher in the class. At the end or during the presentation, students or teachers can ask some questions. These questions are asked to assess the depth of knowledge of the students about a specific topic idea. The students also learn how to deal with unexpected conditions.

  • Group Projects:

Some UK colleges will test your abilities to work with others. For this reason, professors will assign a project to a group of students. In this project, the students have to perform their roles. When students submit their projects, they learn how effectively they have performed all the roles in the group projects. These group projects will be helpful for the students to perform well in their professional life.

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