Importance Of 5Ws and 1H In Assignment Writing

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Most of us have heard about this 5WS and 1H concept in writing. But we do not realize its importance while writing. 5WS and 1H are crucial while writing different assignments. We should know that this entire concept can help us write almost all kinds of papers, assignments, projects, and reports. It helps us to write clear and concise content for our write-ups especially assignments. By using this technique, you can easily and efficiently connect with your reader. And particularly if you are writing assignments, you should always follow this rule of writing. 5WS and 1H refer to six questions as follows:

  1. W: WHO?
  2. W: WHY?
  3. W: WHEN?
  4. W: WHERE?
  5. W: WHAT?
  6. H: HOW?

cropped-The-Academic-Papers-UKNow you must be thinking that if you are not a researcher then how will you incorporate 5WS and 1H in your assignment? There are some usual possibilities in any basic assignment. First, you need to have all the information regarding your subject or topic of your assignment. Now, you will inculcate 5WS and 1H in your assignment’s content. Because you need to find the answer of 5WS like what, where, why, when, and who? This will help you in finding complete information. So, you should answer these questions including 1H before you start writing. Given below are a few possibilities by assignment writing services that exist in any subject or assignment whether its journalism or any other:

  • WHY? This is the first and most important question. Most people don’t even know the answers to basic questions when they start writing. You better should have an idea of listed below questions related to your topic or assignment. And if you fail to do so you will not be able to write a quality assignment. Finding this answer is so important for writing better quality assignments. It asks; why is this assignment or particular topic important? Why have you opted for this topic? Why this topic interests you? Why is there anything happening (if there is an effect of anything)?
  • WHAT? Now, this is a crucial question. This is the question that will immediately come to your mind when you see or write something. In some classes, teachers assign topics for assignments while others tend to give this part to students. When you will get a topic or select it yourself, you will at once ask; what do we do about it? And if there is any incident happening as in journalism assignments or reports, then you will ask; what did happen here? You will need to find the answer to this question before writing. It will boost your writing experience and quality at the same time.

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  • WHO? This question plays a central part in any kind of assignment writing. WHO refers to the individual or person or subject being discussed? If you are unfamiliar with the answer to this question then you cannot even think of writing an assignment leaving alone writing a good quality assignment. It includes questions like; who is affected? Who is discussed? Who will benefit? Who will get harmed? You can also see it another way like who will get benefit if you work on this particular assignment?
  • WHEN? When you are writing an assignment with all other questions you need to get an answer to this question too. Answers of all other questions will be of no use if you neglect this question while writing. Students ask this question before even starting. When did this assignment complete? When did this incident happen? Or when will it take place? Questions depend on your research question or topic of the assignment. Every subject will have different questions to answer. You just need to find the right ones for you.

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  • WHERE? After you have found answers to all the questions then this basic question comes; where? If you do not have an answer to this question, then you cannot even write an assignment. This may include questions like where did it happen? Where will this happen? Where should it happen? Does it make any difference where did it happen?
  • HOW? After you have answered all the 5WS then you should consider finding an answer to HOW? Does this refer to how will you complete your project? How will this entire assignment work? How will you find the answer to any required question?

Now, you have all the answers to questions like 5WS and 1H you can start writing your assignment. in this way, you can be sure of writing a good quality assignment.

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